Company Description

Thomson Hospitality originated from the desire to bring the public a very unique Sofa Bed Sleeper System combined with truly comfortable seating. Our years of experience in the furniture industry and tireless research hours culminated into what we believe to be the most comfortable Sofa Bed Sleeper System in the market today. It is our pleasure to introduce the patented Cozy Mattress® SBA wrapped up in a patented pending Knock Down (KD) Sofa System. This unique Sofa Bed Sleeper System takes comfort and versatility to a whole new level.

The patented KD Sofa Bed Sleeper System is a “No Brainer” for Hotels, Cruise Ships and Assisted Living facilities and even your own home. Your guests, whether in a home or hotel will never feel the “bar in the Back” again and when they're happy, you’re happy! For ease of installation this unit can be maneuvered and quickly assembly in small tight spaces. Combine that with the quick convenient way of replacing soiled or damaged arms and backs means no lost revenue in Hotels, for rooms being under repair.

Don't just take our word for it, call for an appointment and we will bring our convenient Thomson Hospitality Mobile Showroom to your doorstep or watch the videos that will be coming soon. This allows you to see, touch and experience this system first hand or virtually and let us prove there is such a thing as a truly Comfortable and Cozy sofa bed system!